Going Creative: 4 Artistic WatchessharetweetshareHigh horology isn't just about movements: it is additionally about aesthetics. The watch brands in Geneva turn to a variety of decorative techniques, like guillochage, enameling, and skeletonizing, that may add just as much to the valuation on watch as can a notable manufacture movement. Here, four replica watches showcasing the relevant skills that some high-end watch companies call the "metiers d'art."Jaeger-LeCoultre's Master Ultra Thin Grand Feu, a different kind of its razor-slim Master Ultra Thin, looks simple but is definitely not. Above its 1.85-mm-thick movement, Caliber 849, rests a dial made utilizing the very demanding grand feu (French for "big fire") enamel technique, what is known as with the particularly intense heat it takes (800 to 900 degrees C). The enamel is used in layers; each are fired separately. A moment a long time from the oven as well as the dial, made of gold, is ruined. Jaeger is proud indeed on the dial: what "Émail Grand Feu" (Émail is French for enamel) are inscribed between 7 and 8 o'clock. The watch is 5.04 mm thick, about 1 mm thicker as opposed to non-enamel version with the added layers. The cost is $40,900.Vacheron Constantin introduced a watch by having an open-worked rendition of that Caliber 4400, and that is manually wound. The fragile arches with the skeletonized movement are made to evoke the ribbed vaults these days 19th-century European train stations. Nearly half the movement's metal was removed during the open-work process, Vacheron says: the trick would be to leave enough so the movement functions along with when it were solid. Assembling the movement after the components are already skeletonized can be difficult, this company says watches , fake tag heuer watches considering that the components are distorted when decorated and require being tweaked to obtain them to their original shapes so they really will work correctly. The watch incorporates another metier d'art: grand feu enameling (see above). The enameling is used around the ring throughout the dial's circumference. The watch shown here carries a gray ring; blue- and black-ring versions are also available. Price: $75,200.Van Cleef & Arpels used enameling too, in the Midnight Nuit Boreale and Midnight Nuit Australe replica watches. The type of enameling it chose was grisaille enameling, during which dramatic contrasts of light and dark are created with just two shades of enamel . About 30 firings are necessary to make each dial; the whole process takes some 70 hours. Tiny gold dots represent the stars. The Boreale watch (pictured here) was inspired by constellations in the Northern Hemisphere; the Australe model by those from the Southern Hemisphere. The replica watches are 42 mm in diameter and contain automatic movements. Each watch is really a special edition of 22 pieces, costing $98,000 each. best fake rolex watches Roger Dubuis put guillochage in the forefront on its new edition of the Double Flying Tourbillon, and that is area of the Hommage collection. The watch does, as the name suggests, have two tourbillons, but they also aren't the watch's most eye-catching feature, in line with an argument. "Doubtless one of the most striking part of the new Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon plus the the one that immediately catches and props up gaze will be the highly original guilloche focus on leading," this company says. This guilloche work, applied to the mainplate, is different from standard guilloche for just two reasons. First, it absolutely was applied without cremage, a method through which wet talcum powder is used to impart a matte, as opposed to shiny, finish. Cremage is employed to disguise small imperfections brought on by the guillochage process; skipping this step means being extra careful not to create such blemishes. Second, the guillochage is unusually deep. Each groove inside sunray pattern requires at least four passes on the tool, compared to just a few in standard guilloche. This generates a 3-D effect. The watch posesses a new movement, the RD100. The way it is is 45 mm in diameter and is available in rose gold ($328,500) or white gold ($338,500).sharetweetshare replica audemar piguet royal oak offshore chronograph watches
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